Tapì Group presents its new Brand Identity


Here at Tapì we’re renewing our corporate identity, featuring technological innovation, the search for new aesthetic styles with a special emphasis on people, in an increasingly international economy. These are the cornerstones on which we have based the new brand identity concept for Tapì, which has been growing globally for over 15 years in the Packaging industry.

Internationality, vitality, dynamism: Tapì’s new brand identity reflects the Group’s commitment to growth in current markets and to sales efforts and brand development on new markets, a philosophy which lies at the heart of our strategic and operational approach.

“With our new brand, we’re updating our corporate image to reflect the changes happening within the Tapì Group and to the rapid evolution of the industry”, says Managing Director Nicola Mason. “Our new brand identity encapsulates the Group’s multifaceted nature and the increasing diversification of the brands in the Tapì stable.”

The new Brand Identity development project involved a series of different stages, from restyling the institutional logo (as well as the logos for the various business units in charge of the various product categories), to creating a new digital platform, and coming up with a new institutional visual encompassing various concepts and communication tools.

Indeed, that groundbreaking new visual formed the basis for a brand-new corporate video presenting Tapì as a dynamic company, reflecting our ability to respond promptly with innovative solutions to the needs of the marketplaces we operate in.

An explosion of energy that acts first and foremost as a metaphor for “meeting”, symbolizing our new corporate structure and overall philosophy. This concept of meeting is key to Tapì’s future as we make further moves onto the North and South American markets, not only with a sales team, but also by opening up a new production facility to supply the market directly and by developing strong local partnerships for distribution and for the supply of raw materials.

In a series of brand-new images and shapes, the metaphor of the new visual expressed in the corporate video builds on emotional connections: a young auburn-haired, typically European-looking woman, enthusiastic and self-aware, transmits her unbound energy to a young man with clearly American traits. At first, the two size each other up from a distance, then run towards each other and finally embrace, surrounded by a whirlwind of bottle caps. Their meeting symbolizes our company’s international spirit, bringing together what are very different markets that nevertheless share the same passion and strategic vision.

“We’re aiming to launch our vision of technological innovation and design onto that land of opportunity that is America, whose market is made up of long-standing producers and up-and-coming stars. Making breakthroughs on the American market and elsewhere also very much involves a meeting of different cultures, creating connections that lead to new stylistic solutions, overflowing with charm and innovation.” - continues Mason. “We’d like our vision, our mission and the values that underpin our daily work to become something tangible, visible to anyone coming into contact with the Tapì brand.”

The tagline accompanying the corporate logo – Teamwork, Action, Passion, Ideas – an acronym of the logo, fully expresses the values underlying our vision of the world here at Tapì, as well as the solid foundation shared by Tapì group brands. Although the new Tapì logo is the same shape as the previous one, it is more formal, using neutral black and white to create a solid yet elegant effect.

Our new corporate brand identity will be used on various materials, communications and promotional tools for both off- and on-line, representing Tapì’s identity from the digital world to traditional promotions and sales support tools.

Our new Tapì corporate website has just been launched, and is a perfect reflection of the Group’s new identity and philosophy, becoming a true virtual meeting place and a treasure trove of information for customers and partners alike. A strategic web site, available in various languages, it’s quick and easy to use, with two access paths, either by industry, or by product collection. The site contains all of the various brands under the Tapì umbrella, each with its own unique feel: elegance and craftsmanship for Tapì Signature, design and innovation for Tapì Collection, high-tech performance for Tapì Wine and a pioneering pop personality for our latest arrival, Tapì for Beer, the division dedicated to the world of brewing, beers and ales.

Ever since our launch, designing new paths and trends has been the undercurrent driving Tapì, helping us take the bold strategic and product-related decisions which initially made us groundbreakers and now make us market leaders. Today, with our new brand identity, at Tapì we’re raising the bar a notch higher, marking a new phase in our history.

Tapì Group Marketing and Press Office department
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Paolo Boratto
Marketing Manager

Giulia Squizzato
Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant

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